Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bud Smokers know how to Roll UP

Marijuana users are often times confused as hippies or dirt heads. Both terms are not accurate for this day and age, you see, we have the occasional pot head, and we have the habitual smoker. Not to say that one is better than the other, he’s not, they both at the end of the day do what we think they do, they smoke weed. So why does society and those who influence us most think that if someone takes a pipe, loads up some bud into it, and hits it while the bowl is burning nice and slow, he is getting high for no reason. The truth is, when he inhales all that deep green dank THC into his lungs, the weed starts to expand his mind. It is a very potent substance, or as others classify it, an herb. Of course he wouldn’t of had those powerful hits like he did if he didn’t properly know how to roll a joint and not get any seeds and stems in it. Cheech and Chong, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley are just a few of the famous chronic smokers who have developed that perfect rolling skill.

The word pot head derives from someone getting so high that he takes a pot and smashes his own head with it. Not actually the case though, the real reason came about when a guy was hotboxing his car, blowing smoke rings into the air, and vaporizing some legal dank bud with his bong. Marijuana smokers have gotten more adapt these days when it comes to their toking needs, for instance there are those who only puff when they have a fatty spiff or roach at their hands, there are others who prefer blunts and cigars to use as rolling papers.

If you want the least amount of residue buildup on your ash tray, or on your hookah you can be sure to compact all the green mary jane inside of the cigar tube while you pack it. It’s more of a science and an art form than a hard skill to perform, not all people realize that though. To get a top quality clean crisp smoke from your weed you need to be able to have the attitude that marijuana is not just for people in Canada or California, but also those outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. High Times Magazine is an attachment to the diversity of bud smokers all over the world.